How to Create Beautiful WhatsApp Video Status with BGM and Songs

WhatsApp video status with BGM and Songs

WhatsApp Video Status – Ever wondered How those cool looking WhatsApp Video Status  with BGM or Movie songs are made? What if I say that you can make your own WhatsApp   Video status with your own favorite songs and pictures? That is exactly what we are gonna see in this post.

 WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp is among the most used Instant Messaging application with over 1.5 Billion Monthly Active Users (MAU).  WhatsApp brought the status feature to its app on its 8th birthday(February 24 February 2017). SnapChat was the first to bring the idea of status and later on the trend was followed by Instagram, WhatsApp , and Facebook of course.

Statuses are pictures or short videos that have a life of 24 hours, meaning the photo or video will be automatically deleted after 24hours from the time it was posted. Whatsapp Status become so popular so quickly it is used by more people than on Snapchat. WhatsApp’s Status Feature is used by 450 million daily users which is more than double the 191 million daily users  that Snapchat recorded during the first quarter of 2018. It had a huge customer base at the time of the release of its status feature, which directly supported the quick  adaptation of the feature.

How to Create Music BGM WhatsApp Video Status

WhatsaApp Video Status
Image Credits: Avee Music Player – Google Play

WhatsApp Video Status can be made in a number of ways with any simple video editing software to stitch images and music together. Today we are going to see  an app using which we can create cool video visualizer effect on music files. This will look good especially with BGM. WhatsApp BGM Video Status is trending right now.

WhatsApp Status Video – Steps

  1. Download Avee Music Player from Google Play Store.
  2. Open the application and you can see the music available on your phone.
  3. If you cannot see any songs, Click  Library and then select Folders. Choose the folder in which the music is storesd on your phone.
  4. Slide right or click on the 3 dotted Menu and select Visualizer.
  5. This is were you can start making differnt types of WhatsApp Video status.
  6. Once you are done customizing Click on the Box icon to save the video.

Whatsapp video status

The application is available for free from Playstore with basic features. Some features are only available if unlick premium using in-app purchase.  But the free version does have enough functionalities.Whatsapp video status

When saving the whatsapp video, you  can choose the Video resolution  and the time. Just choose 720p resolution and for setting the video time, Choose the desired length of the video at the bottom above the Export button. Once you have configured the settings, Click on Export to save the video.

How to Use the Application

When you select the song and click the visualizer , you will be taken to the page as shown below. Towards the top right side, there are few buttons: Menu. Designs, Edit, and Save button.
Options in Avee App - WhatsaApp Video Status

Visualizer Designs in Avee App - WhatsaApp Video Status
Customization Options in Avee App - WhatsaApp Video Status
Adding Images in Avee App - WhatsaApp Video Status
  1. When you click on the design button, you can see the available visualizer designs. Select any design you like.
  2. Once you select the design, you can start editing the designs to change the image and the colors. You will get a page as shown in the second picture. There will be options like image, bars, blur filter etc. Out of this image is what we need to edit.
  3. When you click on the Image option, you will able to see which image is selected for editing. Select the background image and select Custom Image from Image Section. Select Pick Image to select image from your Phone. Do the same for changing the image in the foreground (the center image).

Final Result


Final Thoughts

Create your own cool WhatsApp Status videos with the songs you like. There are a lot of cool animations and effects that can be tried out. You can share it with your friends and family to show your new cool video creation skills which will make them awestruck. Enjoy.

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