WhatsApp Working on New Reaction Stickers – Love, Sad, Wow and More

WhatsApp is working on bringing new features to its  massively popular and most widely used Instant Messaging service. WhatsApp is the most used IM application with over 1.5 Billion Monthly Active Users. WhatsApp has brought many changes recently to its platform and also announced a lot of new features.

WhatsApp is currently working on Reaction stickers apart from emojis and gif. The Reaction stickers are categorized to Love, Sad, Wow, Lol etc. These stickers are still on development and not available. The feature is spotted by WaBetaInfo. They are the group who brings out new updates to the public even before they are officially released.

In recent weeks WhatsApp had started marking Forwarded messages. The messages that is forwarded will be marked as Forwarded at the top of the messages. This will allow the users to know whether a messages is typed by the sender himself or is being forwarded.

WhatsApp has pushed a new version   2.18.189 which is available to users who have signed up through Google Play  Beta program.

Let us see what are all the stickers that are being designed by WhatsApp. Hopefully we can see them in the coming weeks. WaBetaInfo was able to find that WhatsApp has introduced Sticker album in WhatsApp version  2.18.120 and the Reaction stickers were found from version 2.18.189 onwards. They couldn’t find when the stickers will be released. WhatsApp is keeping the sticker feature disabled until the development is finalized.

WhatsApp Sticker Reactions

Good news to stickers and emoji fans. WhatsApp bringing reaction stickers to the table in the coming weeks. The stickers that can be found in applications like hike is coming to WhatsApp. When you open the emoji tab, stickers will be visible. We will be able to see emoji, gifs and the new stickers tab at the bottom. Up top when you select the stickers icon, there are 4 categories: Lol, Love, Sad and Wow.

WhatsApp Reaction Stickers

WhatsApp Love Reaction Stickers

Love Reaction Stickers - WhatsApp Reaction Stickers

LOL WhatsApp Reaction Stickers

WhatsApp Reaction Stickers

Sad WhatsApp Reaction Stickers

WhatsApp Reaction Stickers

WOW WhatsApp Sticker Reactions

WhatsApp Reaction Stickers

Final Thoughts

WhatsApp is used by millions of users are people are always looking for new features to come to the platform. WhatsApp is continuously bringing new changes and updates regularly. WhatsApp reaction stickers are the latest development  from WhatsApp. We can expect the update to be rolling  out soon. Follow the page to get notified about the latest updates and happenings in the tech world.

All images are provided by @WaBetaInfo 


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