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[100% Working]Best FREE SMS Bomber aka SMS Flooder Online Script – Anonymous!

Have fun pranking your friends.

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  • Text Bomb your Friends
  • SMS Bomber Android Application
  • Stop Spam using Blocking Apps

SMS Bomber Online aka SMS flooder or Text Bomber is used to send lots of messages to a particular number. Download SMS Bomber Android Apk to text bomb your friends. Also Use the SMS Bomber Online Website to send text bombs directly from your browser without having to install the application  on your phone. The website can be useful if you don’t have space on your phone or just want to use it for one time purposes.

The Application and the website are personally tested and verified working without any issues. The Online SMS bomber will work only on India Mobile Numbers (+91) and not on any other numbers. This will work on any operator like Idea , Airtel, Bsnl and more without any issues.

Disclaimer: This SMS bomber application or website is purely for fun and  educational purposes. Please don’t use it for anything illegal and spoil the fun. The text bomber apk is available on the internet and the copyrights belong to their respective owners.

Lets Get Started!

Online SMS Bomber

What is an SMS Bomber or SMS Flooder? Basically what it does is send out number of messages to one particular number. Just enter the number and tons of random messages are sent to that particular number as text messages. This basically works by manipulating the SMS verification used by many website and applications.  Please be noted that this hack is only for educational purposes and please don’t abuse the trick .

Method 1: SMS Bomber Online Website

There has been a lot of website that can be used to text bomb a specific number, but many of them are not working. We are going to showcase only those websites which are still working and tested.

How to use SMS Bomber

  1. Click here to go to the website.
  2. Enter the 10 digit phone number without +91.
  3. Click on Send.
  4. Close the website to stop sending Message.
  5. Done.


  • Free sms bomber: the text bomber script is absolutely free to use.
  • Fast: there is very less or negligible delay in sending sms.
  • 100% safe: This particular online Sms bomber is safe to use because it doesn’t violate any terms. the script just takes advantage of otp verification system.
  • There is very less internet consumption and works well on any network.
  • No download required. The text flooder sript is hosted online and doesn’t require any downloading.
  • It works with DND Numbers also.
  • The sms bomber script supports all Indian Telecom Operators.

Method 2: SMS Bomber APK Download

SMS Bomber Applications Apk

*Yah…I’m a Batman fan

SMS Flooder application is an Android App that has the same functionality as the website. It is more easy to use the application to text bomb your friends. The Application is very simple to use. Just enter the number and Click on Start. When you want to stop sending the message, just click on Stop. The application will start sending messages immediately after you click on the Start button. There is an option to select contacts from your phone as well.

The application also features International Text Bomber as well as an Unlimited Mode as well which send considerably high amount of messages than the normal mode.

App Details

App Name Bomber
Version 1.8
App Size 2.2 MB
Developer Udit
Device Android

Download Android Apk

Unlimited SMS Bomber  Application APK

Unlimited SMS bomber app
Enter the phone number to start sending unlimited messages to the number.

One of the main features of the SMS bomber apk featured here is the “Unlimited SMS Bomber” Mode which will send comparatively very large number of spam messages to the specified phone number. Once you enter the number and click on Start, the Sms bomber app will start to send tons of  messages to the number until the process is stopped or the app itself is closed. Use it cautiously.

International SMS Bomber

International SMS Bomber
Enter the International number with the country code
International SMS Bomber
Text Messages send by the SMS Bomber

The application can also text bomb international numbers as well. It is tested with US/Canada Phone Number and verified working. Use SMS flooder  USA :

  1. Open the SMS Bomber app.
  2. Click on Menu.
  3. Select International Number.
  4. Enter the country code and the phone number.
  5. Click Start.

Call Bomber – Send  Multiple Calls

The SMS bomber apk also has a call bomber feature which can send a number of calls to the specified phone number. Currently only Indian phone numbers are supported by the application. You will be able to find the option in the Menu.

How to Be Safe from Text Bomber (Not Working)

Your friends can play this trick on you too right? So How can you protect your number from these kind of Text Bombs? In case you are wondering , we do have an option to do the same. Enter your number and submit . Then your number will be added to the  protected list.

  1. Open the SMS Bomber Application.
  2. Click on the Menu Button (3 Dotted Button).
  3. Click  “Protect Number” option.
  4. You will be redirected to a website where you can enter your phone number and submit.
  5. Enter the Phone 10 digit phone number and Submit.

or You can visit this link and do the same.

That is it! You will be added to the protected list. So When your friends try to text bomb you from the SMS Bomber Application, they will no succeed.

Check if Number is Protected (Not Working)

Once you have added your number to the protected list, after 6 hours you can see the status by entering the number below to see if it is successfully added or not.

Method 3: BOMBitUP SMS Bomber Apk

BOMBitUP SMS Bomber App for Android

Here is a new application called BOMBitUp , which is a SMS Bomber Application for Android. The application is verified working and is super easy to use. It also has a lot of other features too.

SMS Blast- BOMBitUp SMS Bomber App

BOMBitUP SMS Bomber App for Android

SMS blast option in the application is used to send multiple sms to a single number. Choose the Country and then enter the Phone Number without the country code. Enter the Number (Count)of messages to send and click on BOMBIT button.

Features of BOMBitUp SMS Bomber:

BOMBitUP SMS Bomber Features

BOMBitUP SMS Bomber Features

  • SMS Bombing to Multiple Countries: The sms bomber application supports multiple countries like India, U.K, Nepal, Philippines, and Pakistan. This means that you will be able to sms bomb users with those phone numbers.
  • Define No of SMS : The app allows us to manually enter the number of SMS to be send to the phone number. The SMS Bomber limit is different for all these countries.
  • Delay SMS Messages: You can set a delay between individual messages.
  • Free SMS : The app also has a Free SMS feature where we can send Free SMS to our friends using Internet.
  • Email Flooding: Email blasting option allows to send multiple emails to an email Id.
  • Call Bomber: You can send multiple spam calls to a particular phone number ( Only available for Indian Phone Numbers).
  • Protected List Feature: If you want your number to be avoided from Bombing, there is an option to add the phone number to the protected list.

Download BOMBitUP Apk

BOMBitUp Website Here

How to Stop Spam Messages

stop spam messages

Spam Messages are all over the place. If we check our phones most of the messages that are in the inbox would be spam and promotional messages which can be frustrating at times. SMS is still one of the best way to engage with customers and send promotional offers and discount to the users. Even Sms One Time Passwords are used for securing Bank Transactions and more.

And if you have friends who would pull the text bomber prank on you, How can you get out the situation? The first thing you can do is register yourself in the DND( Do Not Disturb) Registry.

Stop Spam Application

Stop spam using applications like TrueCaller. Truecaller is a great app which allows you to identify unknown numbers. They have a very huge database with almost all numbers. So if you are getting calls from unknown numbers, install TrueCaller and it will let you know who the caller is even before you take the call. True caller also has a SMS Spam Protection. It can block spam messages and unwanted promotional messages and you can also  maintain a block list . You can add numbers to block list so that  you won’t be receiving messages or calls from that particular number.

Block SPAM Messages using TrueCaller

block spam messages

Download TrueCaller  Application

Once you download trucaller application, Sign Up with your phone number. After signup is complete, go to messages option . You will get a popup to select Truecaller as default messaging application.  You will be able to see a separate SPAM section in messages.


SMS Flooder is used to send multiple random messages to one particular number. This post is intended for educational purposes only and to show how these things work. Please don’t abuse it. Sms Bomber Application is an Android App for text bombing one particular number. Download the apk and install to try it out yourself.

Ultimate Prank Tool

Ease of Use

SMS Flooder is used to send multiple random messages to one particular number. This post is intended for educational purposes only and to show how these things work. Please don't abuse it. Sms Bomber Application is an Android App for text bombing one particular number. Download the apk and install to try it out yourself.

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