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How To Unlist and Remove Name From Truecaller Database – Unlist Truecaller!

Truecaller is a fantastic app which helps identify unknown numbers. We can get to know who is calling us or texting us even if we don’t have their phone number saved. Truecaller does a good job finding the person to whom the number belongs is most cases.

Truecaller also lets you search numbers, request phone numbers of your social friends etc. There are a lot of features. The app goes beyond the limits of the normal phone book.

How Truecaller Works?

The application works by searching the number in their huge directory of phone numbers. Wonder how Truecaller gets the numbers from? Truecaller sources data from all of its users (Crowdsourcing). For example If you have Truecaller installed on your phone, when installing you might have got a  prompt saying  “The app would like to access your contacts”. We give the app the permission to access the contacts.

You’ll have to sign up to use the application, the signup info is also a source of data for them. What Truecaller does is it scans the contacts and get the information regarding all the phone numbers we have saved on our phone. The data along with the signup data are filtered and stored in their database ready for use.

This happens with millions of users, see how much data is being stored. So when we get a call from an unknown number or search a number, it is checked against the database to find the number and the most accurate name for the number. This is why you should use encrypted email services for emails.

Truecaller needs Internet connection to work so its unusable when you don’t have internet connection on your phone. The next thing is that the information may be wrong at times. It is not 100% accurate. But its pretty reliable in my opinion and I use it on my phone.

Truecaller also has a great SPAM engine which can tell you if a call is from a Spam number. You can easily block calls from such numbers. This is a great advantage of using Truecaller. We have seen how to use truecaller to reduce spam messages.

Unlist From Truecaller

Even if you  didn’t sign up for a Truecaller account, your name can be in the Truecaller database because your friends might be using Truecaller and has your number saved in their contacts. So you don’t have to install and setup Truecaller, your number can still be there in the database.

This is an invasion to privacy right? But Truecaller lets you unlist your number from the database easily. But if you are thinking why would someone has to do something so that his number doesn’t show up in Truecaller. Data is very powerful in this modern world.

Have your ever read a Terms and Condition Agreement or a Privacy Policy Agreement in your life? We just agree and sign up…right? Well these agreements mention that they will be using your data and we have granted permission to the use the data.

Once you unlist your number from Truecaller, the data related to the number will be removed  and will not be stored again.

How to Remove Name  and Number from Truecaller

The procedure for unlisting or removing your number from Truecaller is fairly simple and straightforward. There are two cases in removing the number:

  1. A person who has installed and setup Truecaller.
  2. A person who is not using Truecaller, but still has his name in the database.

In the first case we need to deactivate Truecaller account and then unlist it from the database. This is a two step procedure.

For those who haven’t used Truecaller can directly skip the deactivation step and go for unlisting from Truecaller.

Both of these will be explained below. This are the official ways to remove your name from Truecaller.

How to Deactivate Truecaller Account

This is for those who have installed and signed up for Truecaller account. They will have to first deactivate Truecaller account and then remove the number from the database. Here is how you can deactivate your Truecaller account.

Deactivate Truecaller Account

Step 1:  Open Truecaller and Go to Menu.

Step 2: Select Privacy Center and Click on Deactivate.

Step 3: You will be getting a prompt to delete your profile data. Click on Yes.

Now you have successfully deactivated your Truecaller account.

How to Unlist Number from Truecaller

Truecaller lets you enter the number and unlist yourself from the database. You just have to enter the number along with the country code. The unlisting process will be completed within 24 hours.

Once you have deactivated Truecaller account, follow the below procedure to remove name from Truecaller database.

Remove name from Truecaller

Step 1: First of all, Go to Unlist Truecaller website.

Step 2: Select the Country and Enter the Phone Number. Make sure you have entered the country code. Eg: +91949494XXXX

Step 3: Solve the captcha and Click on Unlist Phone Number.

Remove name from Truecaller

You’ll get a successful message saying the number will be unlisted from Truecaller Directory within 24 hrs.

Final Thoughts

I hope this helps! This is how you can unlist your number from Truecaller. Once you remove the number from the Truecaller, the name will not be displayed in Truecaller.

You can use fake email generators to create free temporary email ids to reduce spam and protect your privacy. For those who have privacy concerns, you can follow the method to remove the number from Truecaller.


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