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How to Put Long Video on WhatsApp Status or Instagram Story!(w/ Bonus)

WhatsApp and Instagram has Status Time Limit.

How to put long video on WhatsApp or Instagram Status? We all know that there is a limit in the length of videos that we can add as our Instagram  Story or WhatsApp status.Today we are going to see how we can make long videos as WhatsApp status or Instagram stories. When it comes to WhatsApp status,the limit is 30 seconds, we can only add videos that are 30 seconds long. In case of Instagram stories the limit is 15 seconds, that is the maximum length of video we can upload to our Instagram story is 15 seconds.

What if we have a song or video that is more than 30 seconds ? In such cases we can manually cut the videos into that particular duration and then make it as our status/story. But that would be painstaking because we have to manually select the starting and ending points of each parts and then cut  and upload it as the status. For this we need to install some kind of a video editor software. Using Video Editor software can be complicated at times. For the purpose of making a video as WhatsApp status on Instagram story we just need to split the video into parts. If we are using a normal video editing application we will have to place the markers at exactly 30 second intervals and then manually cut them. What if we can do all that in just a few clicks?

That is exactly what we are going to see in this particular post. With the help of simple application we can easily cut and prepare the video for making it as WhatsApp on Instagram status. The application even has predefined templates for WhatsApp stories Instagram status Instagram post and more.

Say if you have a 90 second video and we want to make it your status for WhatsApp, we’ll have to manually cut it into 30 sec shorter videos and then me then upload them as your status. But with the application we could just select the video and it will automatically trim the video into 3 parts. After that with the click of a single button we can upload all the three parts as you WhatsApp status. Simple as that!

How to Put Long Video on WhatsApp Status

We’ll see how this app works. First download and install the application on your phone, browser video which you wanna cut I like your status. After that you can trim the video to your liking. Once done that we can just Atlee press the share button and all the different parts will be set as your WhatsApp status.

Large Videos as WhatsApp Status

Whatscut Pro Plus Settings - Long Video on WhatsApp and Instagram Status

  1. Download the WhatsCut Pro+ Application from Google Play Store.
  2. Open the application. If it asks for permissions, enable the storage permissions.
  3. We can now see the main screen of the application. Select the video which we want as WhatsApp Status.
  4. We can Trim and Main video to our liking. If we want the full video leave it as it is.
  5. There are two buttons towards the right: A Download Button and a Share Button. We can save the trimmed videos to our gallery by clicking the Download Button. We can directly set the video as WhatsApp status by clicking the Share button and then Selecting My Status in WhatsApp.
  6. Done.
WhatsCut Pro+
BitElit Technologies

How to Put Long Video on Instagram

The above-mentioned applications exclusively for WhatsApp. We have another alternative for Instagram. The application is called Slice and Save. This app has default template for Instagram and WhatsApp. For WhatsApp, the first app is better. The application has predefined trimming for WhatsApp Status, Instagram Story, Instagram Post, Facebook Story, Vk Story and custom option.

Slice and Save Settings - Long Video on WhatsApp and Instagram Status

  1. Download Slice and Save App from Google Play Store.
  2. Open the App and select the video to be trimmed.
  3. Choose type form Slice Video For option.
  4. You will be getting different parts of the video with a Share Icon.
  5. Click on the icon and share it to your Instagram Story.
  6. Done.

BONUS:  The Slice and Save App also has a WhatsApp Status Downloader feature. We can download and save WhatsApp Status images and videos of our friends.

Slice and Save
Nidhin Radh P V


  • No Limit for the Slicer.
  • No logos or watermarks.
  • Cut videos to WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Vk.
  • Manual option for setting duration.
  • Download WhatsApp Status and Videos (Bonus)

Both application mentioned is completely free to download from Google Play Store. These applications are having a size just under 5 MB.

Final thoughts

If you are the kind of person who likes to add long videos to your WhatsApp or Instagram status, this would be the perfect trick for you. The app is very simple and straight forward which simple controls. These apps doesn’t require much space or system resources. It doesn’t ask for unwanted permissions also. These apps are 100% safe and simple to use.

Disclaimer: All trademarks and copyright belongs to their respective owners. Do take permissions before downloading or saving someone’s status.

Simple and Functional

Ease of Use

Easiest way to trim longer videos to shorter parts so that we can upload it as WhatsApp Status or Instagram Story. The applications are pretty straight forward and simple to use.

User Rating: 4.5 ( 2 votes)

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