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Features of Insta Downloader

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Download Instagram Post Picture without having to Sign In to Instagram. No Sign In or Sign Up necessary to use the website. Download the newest Pictures with ease.Not install needed. Enter the username to start.

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Instagram doesn't allow to view large Profile Pictures. Download Instagram DP in High Quality without loosing clarity. You cannot see Private Account Posts. Save or Download Insta Pictures easily.Download directly

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Website is fully responsive and can be accessed from your Smartphone or Tablet or PC. You don't have to Install any app for viewing and downloading Instagram Pictures. Just visit the website from any Device.

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Download latest images from any public profile. It shows upto 10 latest pictures from the profile. You can easily download all pictures in High Clarity. All images are in HD format. You will be getting full quality and clarity.

What is Insta Story Downloader?

Instagram Story Downloader is a tool which can be used to View and Download Stories that are posted on the user's Instagram profile. Instagram Stories is a feature in the Instagram Application by which users can post photos or videos that will expire after 24hours. Use the Instagram downloader to download or view the Insta Stories on your smartphone or pc.

How to Download Instagram Stories?

It is very wasy. You need to find the username of the Instagram user whose Story you want to View or Download. The profile needs to be public. Instagram Stories are only visible or available for download if the users profile is public.
Once you get the username, Enter the username in the field above and click on the button. You will be taken to a new page which shows all the available stories of that profile with their time stamp. Simply click on teh Download Button in the bottom. The image or video will open in a New Tab.

Instagram Story not Downloading?

Check if you have entered the proper Instagram username. If there are no Stories available at the moment, the service will not be able to show any Media. If the image is just opening instead of downloading, just Touch and Hold and click on Save Image or Download Image option. If you are your computer, right click and select Save Image option.