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2 Awesome Ways to Increase Instagram Bio Links – Multiple Links in Instagram Profile.

Instagram Link in Bio

Add Multiple links in Instagram Bio. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest  are among some of the most used social media platforms currently. We use social media for all kinds of purposes from sharing our personal life to our opinions and interests. We do often share a lot of links within our posts, sometimes linking to a particular product or a particular image or maybe a particular website that we like.

In platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc we can easily share links in the description. But in the case of Instagram we are not able to share any links in the caption. Even if we try sharing a link it will be appearing as normal text rather than a hyperlink. This is because Instagram is mainly a photo sharing service compared to other social media platforms.

Instagram Bio Links

As we all know Instagram does not allow posting links in the caption of the images. We are allowed to post one single link in our main profile page. Most of the times if we want to share links with users, we can just leave the link as text which is not clickable. Users will need to copy the link and then paste it in the browser.
Today we are going to see a nifty little trick which will allow us to post links to many contents from a single link.
If I want to share my page Facebook profile, website url, Twitter profile in my Instagram Bio this is not possible. I’m only able to either post my website URL or the Facebook profile URL or the Twitter URL. But there is a way in which we can post all those links in the Instagram bio.

Multiple Links – Instagram Bio

We are going to see some of the services that we can use to post multiple links on the Instagram Bio Page. These services will allow us to easily link to many outside links from the Instagram Bio from just a single link. How these kind of services works is pretty simple.

Basically we are creating a small webpage with some buttons which links to different sources. That is, we create buttons for Our facebook page, twitter page, Website etc in that webpage and then add the link to the webpage in the Instagram Bio. So when we click on the link in bio, we are taken to the webpage with buttons linking to different content. This is pretty easy to make on our own. But it is way easier with some websites which offer this service for FREE. One of the website we are going to see in called LinkTree, the other one is called Lnk.Bio. Both of these serve the same purpose but have different features which makes them unique  in their own way. We will also be comparing between the two services to see which one is better than the other and hopefully choose the best one.

How to Add Linktree to Your Instagram Bio

Linktree - Multiple Links in Instagram Bio

The first thing you have to do is sign up to their website using your Instagram username and password.Once you have signed up you will be able to create links to different websites or profiles and then you can share the link of that particular page in your Instagram Bio. Will be receiving a unique URL which you can post in the bio. When you click on the link it will take you to a page where you can see links to all the other profiles and websites you mentioned. How cool is that?

  1. Goto Linktree Website.
  2. Sign Up with the Instagram Account.
  3. Authorize the connection when asked.
  4. Now you will receive a unique link.
  5. Create Buttons by adding title and links.
  6. Copy the link and paste in the Instagram Bio.

Adding Details in LInktree - Links in Instagram Bio

Once you sign up to linktree, you will be asked to enter Name and Email ID. Enter them, check the “Terms and Conditions” consent and Click on Save details buttons.

Adding Links/Buttons in Linktree - Links in Instagram Bio

The image shows how easy it is to add links. Just click on the Add New Button/Link Button and Enter the Title and the link. You are done. The green toggle button is used to Show/Hide that particular Link/Button on your Linktree page. You can also Click and Drag the Buttons to rearrange them in any order. For that Click the 3 dots on the left side and drag.

Appearence Settings - Links in Instagram Bio

You get 4 different themes in the FREE plan. Using this, you can change the appearance of the linktree page. Custom themes are supported only in paid/pro packs. But i think these themes are pretty cool.

Different Themes Available in Linktree - Links in Instagram Bio

Here is how those themes would look like when we visit the page. It you want to stick to simple one the White and Green definitely looks classy. If you would like to add some colors to it, choose any of the two gradient backgrounds available from the themes.

This particular website or service is most useful for business users because they can link to different products from a single link. It can also be used to promote:

  • Website.
  • Other Social Medias
  • Application
  • Latest Blog posts
  • Giveaways
  • Newsletter Subscription

Visit Our LinkTree  Page :

LinkTree Alternative – Lnk.Bio

Lnkbio - Instagram Bio

LNKBIO is a similar website which allows us to add multiple links to our Instagram Bio. We will be able to link to outside contents like Products or Blog posts and then share the link in our Instagram Profile Page. LNKBIO is also extremely easy to use. We can either signup with our Instagram or create an account with email id. LNKBIO also supports uploading images, which is a great thing.

  1. Visit LNKBIO Website.
  2. Signup via Instagram or E-Mail.
  3. Add Link.
  4. Optionally add images.
  5. Get your unique link and share it on your Instagram Bio.

Signup to Lnkbio - Links in Instagram Bio

You can signup to LNKBIO either by Logging in via Instagram or By Email Id and Password. If you are skeptical in authorizing a 3rd party on Instagram, simple use the Login Via Email option. Enter your email and create a passoword. If you signed up via email, you will asked to add your Instagram Handle. Enter that to continue.

lnkbio adding links - Links in Instagram Bio

This section (Manage Links) is were you can add your links. One of the most distinguishing feature of LNKBIO is that we can add images to the links. In Linktree we can only add text links. This is a great way to showcase products or blog posts. We can upload the image of the product or the featured image of the blog post and then link to them.

Adding links are easy. Enter the link in the first  field. Give a title to the link. Upload image (optional). For images make sure the resolutions is 1000px x 625px so that it is displayed properly.

Added Links Lnkbio - Links in Instagram Bio

Just below the Add Links section, there is Your Link section where you can remove edit or order the links which is already added.You can rearrange the order of links by clicking and dragging the crosshairs. Also you can use the pencil tool to edit the link and there is no option to delete the links as well.

lnkbio Page - Links in Instagram Bio

Once you have added your links,  copy the unique link which you get and then paste it in  Instagram bio. When you click the link you are taken to the LNKBIO page where you’ll be able to see the links and images that you have added. As I told you those images can be used  for linking to blog posts or any products.

Visit Our LNKBIO Page:

LinkTree vs LNKBIO

One main drawback of using LNKBIO is that we are not getting a branded URL instead we are getting a random but unique URL. In case of Linktree we can get our branded URL that is a great advantage.Both of them are very easy to use and totally free with basic  features. If we want more features we can always go for the pro pack which will offer more customisation and features. LinkTree FREE Plan offers  simple analytics to see the total number or clicks to the links.

LinkTree FREE Package:

Price : $0

  • Get unlimited links on your linktree.
  • See the total number of times each link has been clicked.
  • Pick from a selection of linktree themes.

LinkTree PRO Package:

Price : $6/Month

  • More Linktree themes.
  • Remove Linktree branding.
  • Show traffic as ‘Social’ in Google Analytics.
  • Custom UTM Parameters.
  • See a day-by-day breakdown of link traffic.
  • Give access to your team to manage your linktree and links.
  • Complete customization of your linktree colors and button styles.
  • Change the title of your linktree.
  • Time your links to go live in-line with scheduled posts.
  • Retarget your Linktree visitors on Facebook and Instagram by adding your Facebook Pixel ID.


Price : $0

  • Random, Unique Url
  • Unlimited Links
  • Always Free
  • No Extra Cost


Price : $0.99/Month or  $ 9.99/Lifetime

  • Your Custom Url
  • Unlimited Links
  • Link Tracking & Stats
  • Email Support


Price: $ 24.99 /Lifetime

  • Your Custom Url
  • Unlimited Links
  • Link Tracking & Stats
  • Email Support
  • emove Lnk.Bio Logo
  • Remove Lnk.Bio Footer
  • More! (Coming Soon)

Both of the services offers a free package with all the basic functionalities. You can always pay for package/subscription to gain access to more features.  It is  convenient to share a single link rather than sharing the number of links.

Linktree is very simple and easy to use with good UI very simple to understand and to add links. We can also see how our links will look in real time. We are able to add text links only which is a drawback. In case of LNKBIO, we are able to add pictures which is a great thing. But we are not getting a branded link in LNKBIO. The links will be random link.

Download Instagram Pictures and Videos

Instgram Downloader Instgram Downloader

Final Thoughts

If you are the type of person who likes to share a lot of links on your Instagram,then these services are for you. We can add a single link in the Instagram profile and then from that link we will be able to add multiple links to different contents maybe products or Blog Posts.

It is very easy to use, just click and drag there is nothing complicated. And if you want to change the URL, you don’t have to go to your Instagram profile each time you want to change it. Just visit the website and make changes to your links. This can save to lots of time and the users can also easily engage with your content in a more intuitive way.


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