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Gmail Dot Trick Generator – Get Many Email Ids from a Single Gmail Account.

A great trick which is not known to most people.

How we can use the Gmail Dot Trick Email Generator to create tons of new email addresses from a single Gmail Id. This is the topic that we are gonna see in this post. All those use internet will be having an Email Id for sure. And out of that the chances that your email address is from Google is very high. Gmail is the Free Email service from Google which is the most used email client of all time.

Gmail is so popular that 1 out of 5 people will be having at least one gmail account. Main reason for Gmail’s popularity is that it can be associate with multiple services. All the services that Google have can be accessed with one Gmail Id. Youtube, Play Store, Google Sync, Website signin etc all can be accessed with a single Google account.

Now a days we can see the many of the websites support “Sign in using Google” option where we can easily login or signup to a website using our Google Account. Many sites still use the normal email signups where we need to give in our email id and create a password for accessing the service.

Does Dots Matter in Gmail Account?

Emails are commonly used for communication in the professional domain. All the communication is done using emails as it is documented. We can have a reference of the communication whenever we want. Email Ids are like online address by which we can reach somebody.

As humans we make mistakes. Typos occur. What is we misspelled the email address while sending an Email? If the misspelled Email Id exists, then the mail will be send to that id or if it doesn’t exist, the email will  bounce back.

Do you know that in Gmail, Dots doesn’t matter? I bet you didn’t know. Yes  Gmail will consider any email address with dots in between   as an alias to the original email address. This means that if we mistakenly added a dot in between the Gmail Id, the mail will be correctly send to the right person. That is definitely cool?

For example if my original email id is [email protected]  and if i put a period i between the mail id [email protected] and send a mail to this misspelled id. I would still receive the email to my original account. This is because period in gmail address doesn’t matter. Adding a period in gmail address accidentally will not be a problem, the mail will be sent to the correct owner.

All the dot variants of your name is already reserved for you by Google so nobody else can get the dot email with your username. Also nobody other than you have the access to your dot email ids. So its 100% safe and secure to use.

[email protected] = iam.[email protected] = i.a.m.[email protected]

Here is an official  word from Google  if you want to reassure what I mentioned.

What is Gmail Dot Trick?

As we have seen earlier, dots doesn’t matter in Gmail Addresses. This makes way to creating multiple email addresses from a single  Gmail address. You can use this nifty little trick to create a bunch of email addresses for different websites with a single Gmail Account. This is a genuine trick. You are not going to get in trouble if you use the trick.

Gmail Dot Emails Trick

We often will need more than one email address. It can take some time to create and setup a new email account. Also we will have to remember the new email id and the password. This will be a problem when we have many email addresses.

This is where the Gmail Dot Trick can be of big help to you. All the dot emails will be the alias to the original gmail account. This means that we have to keep track of only a single mailbox. All the mails that are sent to the aliases will be directed to the main account.

Multiple emails and a single mailbox.

Gmail Dot Trick – Create Unlimited Unlimited Emails

Well you wouldn’t want to create unlimited emails because that is just crazy. But you can create multiple email addresses  with your single Gmail account. If you are thinking why in the world someone would require so much of email ids, i don’t know the answer. I personally have more than 10 email addresses and i know the pain in managing all these mailboxes. Remembering the mail ids and password is the worst. I tend to forget my passwords quite often and the drill of password recovery is what i have to go through almost every month.

Gmail has officially tweeted about this on Twitter

But will multiple emails ids  all pointing towards the same account is just great. All emails can be received in a single mailbox. Just have to remember the password of one mailbox.

Gmail Dot Emails – Use?

For those who would like to create multiple accounts on a the same website for some reason, they can use the Gmail Dot Trick. First sign up using the original Gmail Id and then next time use the Gmail Dot Email to sign up. In this way, we can get two accounts on the website with 2 different email addresses. But for us all the emails from both the accounts will be accessible from the main account.

Many websites support using Gmail Dot Emails while many blocks the use of such email addresses. You’ll have to try it out whether the website accepts Dot Emails or not. If they accept, you are in luck because you can create lots of accounts with a single Gmail account.

But if the website or service has blocked Gmail Dot emails, you could try creating Fake Email Addresses or maybe an encrypted Email service to create secure Email Addresses.

Gmail Plus Trick

Similar to Google Dot Trick, there is another way to create multiple aliases from a single Gmail Account. This trick makes use of  “+” symbol. How the trick works is that we can add “+” and some text after the username portion in the Gmail Address. We can add  a plus (“+”) sign and some combination of words or numbers after your email address.

[email protected] = iambatman+[email protected]

This  can be used to filter out emails easily. You can also identify from where the mail came from. For example i am using the gmail id to subscribe to a webservice, if i append say the service name to the email address . Then it would be very easy to identify whenever a mail is received from them.

Create GoogleMail Address

Another small trick that you probably didn’t know is that you can use instead of in you Gmail Id. Both the email addresses will be reaching the same mailbox.

[email protected]= [email protected]

You can get even more combinations if you combine the Gmail Dot Trick and the Gmail GoogleMail Trick. This means that you can get more email addresses with a single gmail account.

Gmail Dot Trick Emails Generator

For all those who liked this nifty little trick and wanted to try making your dot emails, i hereby present a web based Gmail Dot Email Generator. Just enter you Gmail username and get your dot emails. You also get an option to save the generated dot gmail addresses to a text file just in case.

Visit Gmail Dot Trick Generator

It is very simple to use. Designed in such a way that is stays clean and minimal. The script is limited to generating only few combinations. This is to make sure that the system doesn’t hang while generating. Long email addresses will have lots and lots of combinations which might be causing issues.

Final Thoughts

This is definitely a cool little trick that many people doesn’t know. I hope this post becomes helpful for those people. Using the Gmail Dot Email Trick  Generator tool that we designed especially for our readers, you can create multiple email addresses with just a single email address.

Feel free to comment in your thoughts and also don’t forget to share the post if you found it helpful. Follow us on our social platforms to be part of our community.


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