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*Updated* How to Get Temporary Phone Number: Bypass OTP, Register WhatsApp

Get yourself a second phone number.

Get a Temporary phone number so that you can use it for receiving sms online, register new WhatsApp etc. I tell you why having a second phone number is a great advantage. A temporary phone number or disposable phone number can be obtained only and you can use at as a normal Phone number to receive sms online for free and also calls. Some apps allow us to make calls to certain countries absolutely FREE from the temporary phone number.

What are Temporary Phone Numbers?

Temporary phone number aka Disposable phone numbers are those numbers that can be obtained online and can be used to receive sms and calls online as well as make calls and send sms from those numbers. You should be thinking why someone would want this. If you have used your primary phone numbers online say for registering into an application or website, while creating forums accounts etc,  I’m pretty sure that you will be receiving a number of promotional calls and sms to that number. We might have never signed up for many services, but will be receiving messages regarding the same.

A mobile number is one’s identity and we might not want to share our phone numbers while signing up on untrustworthy websites or applications.  Sometimes when we sign up to some websites or apps, it will be followed by tons of spam messages from digital marketers and spammers.

This is the main concern that i have when websites/apps ask for my number. This is when we can use disposable numbers which we can just use and then discard. There are lot of websites which provides disposable number to bypass otp verification.

I personally hate spam and notifications from websites or applications. I receive notifications from many websites and applications I don’t even remember signing up. This happens because when we share our numbers with certain apps, it might be shared among tele marketers.

Disclaimer: Please don’t use it for any illegal purpose. This article is strictly for educational purposes.

How to Get Temporary Phone Number?

Temporary Phone Number or Disposable Phone Numbers US,Canada

Now that you are convinced, you might be wondering where can i get a disposable phone number for myself? Well  you can now stop thinking. We are gonna see exactly that in this post and will also be discussing How we can make the most use of temporary phone numbers staying in the legal territory.

When you can get a second number which you might not have officially registered might make you think of using to for bad purposes. Please use this little trick only for legal purposes and don’t harm anybody. Ok Lets get to it!

There are tons of Applications and websites out there that offer these kind of services, Most of them being free with advertisements. We do have premium services like Burned Numbers also. Also not all the services will allow you to send SMS or Make calls or receive calls to your second temporary number. We will be looking into that as well.

FREE Temporary Phone Numbers

So First we will see some of the websites that provides us with FREE Temporary   American phone numbers. Most of the websites out there provide Free Us Phone Numbers as well as Free Canadian Phone Numbers. Not all the services offer numbers without registration, while some do. If you are asked to signup to get access to free numbers, just Create Temporary Mail Id and give that instead of your primary or main email address.

I’ll List out some of the website were you can get FREE USA phone numbers to receive  message like OTP etc. These number will allow you to receive sms online to those numbers. You won’t be able to send message from that number or make or receive calls. These numbers can be used while registering on different website so that you can receive the One Time Password or OTP or the verification code to that number.

Here is how you can get themes and more features for WhatsApp using GBWhatsApp for Android or FM WhatsApp for Android. Give it a try.

Get Free US/Canada/Russia/Brazil Numbers- 2019

All these websites are checked and is working in 2019. Websites that are not working are striked out from the list. Also some websites, some numbers or country will not available. So you can check all the websites and you will definitely find one which will be useful.

The list is not in any particular order.


How to Bypass SMS OTP Verification

  1. Go to any of the mentioned website and get the disposable number.
  2. Enter it in the registration page of the application or the website you are trying to sign up.
  3. Once you register, the verification code will be sent to the number.
  4. The message will be received in the website( just refresh the page).
  5. Get the verification code and enter it in your verification page.
  6. Done.

Receive SMS online

Benefits of using Online Disposable Numbers

  • Free of cost
  • No Registration
  • Instant
  • No Hassles
  • No worries about SPAM
  • Protect your privacy
  • …and More

Get US Phone Number (Both Calls and SMS)

At the beginning of the post we have seen How we can receive sms to temporary phone numbers. Those websites gave numbers which can only receive any message sent to that particular number. Now we are going to see How we can Send and Receive SMS to our temporary US phone number and also make Free* calls and receive calls as well.

First Application that we are going to see is called   textPlus: Free Text & Calls. The application is available for download in Google Play Store. Once we sign up to the application by providing a username and password will be  asked to choose the state and it will show some numbers to choose from.

Download textPlus App

Get Free US Phone Number - Temporary Phone Number

You will be given the number you chose. After the you will be able to get all the text that is sent to your private new US phone number. You can share it with your friends and surprise them if you want. Text Plus currently provides FREE calls to US and Canada while for calling other countries they do charge some amount. For receiving text messages, there is no charge its absolutely FREE. When sending messages to the number, Normal carrier charges are applicable  as per you carrier.

Features of textPlus- Free US Phone Number

  • 100% Free to use (app includes advertisements)
  • Private Number
  • Receive SMS for Free
  • Can be used while signing up on websites to receive verification code.
  • Change the current number to a different one for FREE.

Next Up we have another app for Android called 2nd Line (Second Line). It has similar features to that of textPlus, but allows unlimited calls to US/Canada Numbers. So if you have 2nd Line App and your friend have either of the two apps, you can call to that number without any limits. Calls are made using the internet connection. Data is so cheap nowadays we might not even bother how much less data these apps consume. The procedure for setting up a US number in Second Line App is similar. Sign Up and choose an area code and a number.   You are good to go. You now have your own Private Us Number.

Download 2nd Line App

Features of 2nd Line App

  • 100% Free to use (app includes advertisements)
  • Private Number
  • Receive SMS for Free
  • Send SMS to US Numbers for Free
  • Make Unlimited Calls to US/Canada Numbers.
  • Can be used while signing up on websites to receive verification code.

Next Up I’ll Show you How i was able to register on WhatsApp with a US Number that I got using the Second Line Application.

Create WhatsApp Account using US Phone Number

whatsapp using us phone number

This is one great hack that you can use to totally surprise your friends  and family members. You can use the US phone number which we generated using the above application to create WhatsApp accounts. We will be able to use WhatsApp on the US number just like we use on the normal phone numbers. This is how we do it.

  1. Download WhatsApp from PlayStore or Download APK Here.
  2. Install and Open WhatsApp.
  3. Enter the US Phone Number in the number field and make sure the correct country code is selected.
  4. After that you will be receiving the Verification Code to that Number. Just open the App in which you created the phone number and you will be able to see the verification code. If you are not able to see any message, try Call Method in WhatsApp. You should receive the call with the Verification code otherwise you might receive a voice mail. Just play the voice mail and You will get the Verification Code.
  5. Enter the Code.

Done. You have just Created  a WhatsApp account by using your private US Phone Number. Time to message your friends and let them know . I’m sure they will be surprised that you have got a US phone number.


This article is purely for educational purposes and please don’t misuse it. Today we have seen how to use disposable numbers to bypass OTP verification while registering in websites and applications. These websites provides number which can receive sms. This can come handy at times when we don’t want to just give our private numbers to the website/application and thus saving ourselves from frequent spams and notifications.

This article is for educational purposes only. We are not responsible for any bad doings from your side. Please don’t use these services for an shady activities.


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Temporary Phone Numbers for Free

Ease of Use

Get disposable phone numbers to bypass OTP and more. Just use the numbers from any of the websites and you can receive messages to the website.

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