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How to Get Dark Mode on MIUI 10 Devices with Dark Themes [MIUI Dark Mode]

Dark Mode can help save your eyes and battery

Dark Mode on MIUI 10: Dark Mode fans….gimme a thumbs up in the comment. I am a fan of Dark Mode. I prefer dark mode over the normal mode. It looks great and also can be less harmful for your eyes as well. Many apps have already started implementing dark mode, this simply shows how much people prefer dark mode.

dark mode

In our website itself, you can see that i have implemented a dark mode in articles, you can tap the button to toggle dark mode and read these articles at night without giving stress to your eyes.(told you I’m a fan of dark mode). Even in my PC, everything is having a darker color. Be it my wallpaper or my programming IDE.

I have dark mode activated in almost all apps which have the feature. There are even leaks which shows that WhatsApp is going to bring a fully featured dark mode in its app in the coming days. Recently Apple brought dark mode to its PC operating system with Mojave. Windows 10 have a dark mode which is really cool. There are many more examples.

When it comes to customization MIUI is the king. It is known to be a bit heavy for the reason. But if you do like to change the look and feel of your phone quite often as I do, MIUI is the best ROM. There are tons of options like Themes, fonts, wallpapers etc.

The best thing about the themes in MIUI is that we can download multiple themes and then select individual parts like you can have a theme for your lock screen and have a different theme for your notification bars and settings page. This is the level of customization one can get with MIUI.

Today we are going to see How to get dark mode in Xiaomi devices like Redmi Note 6, Poco F1, Redmi Note 5, Redmi 5, Mi 8 and more. This is one of the simplest ways to activate system wide night mode in your phone. This method doesn’t involve any kind of installation or rooting which can void your warranty.

How to Get Dark Mode on MIUI 10 Devices

This is the easiest way to dark mode on Xiaomi MIUI 10 phones, Just follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Themes and Apply any of the themes mentioned below and you are done.

Literally there is just a single step.

too easy

Dark Themes for MIUI 10 – MIUI Dark Mode

Here are some of the popular dark themes that you can try. Some of these themes also changes the appearance of WhatsAppÂ đŸ˜±. You can get dark mode even before its released by WhatsApp.

Notifications in Dark Mode MIUI 10 Dark Mode in WhatsApp MIUI 10
Dark Mode in Settings MIUI 10
As you can see here its the whole phone which is turned into dark mode (system wide). In other themes or launchers, its just part of the system which gets the dark theme. But as you can see the dark mode is applied to the Settings page, contacts, messages, notification panel and more. Its the complete package.
As an added bonus you can see that WhatsApp interface is also getting themed. This is just icing on the cake. We can have a totally dark mode on the phone without having to do so much things. Just install the theme and its done.

Main Highlights of the themes is that theme you settings, notification bar, dialer, messages etc.

  1. Darkoid
  2. Dark Grey Pie
  3. Darkroid
  4. Black [Amoled]
  5. Dark Mod – Search in Themes
  6. Dark v10 – Search in Themes

If you just want to get Dark Mode in WhatsApp, you can download FMWhatsApp for Android or GBWhatsApp Latest APK for Android.

Final Thoughts

The article is really for those who loves to keep everything low key and dark. Activate Dark mode on your phone and save your eyes and also preserve the phones battery. I made sure that the article is very minimal and hope you guys liked it.

As always feel free to share your thoughts below in the comments and share it with your friends and foes.



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