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Here’s How to Get 100% Genuine and FREE Instagram Likes and Followers.

Get Likes and Followers for FREE

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Free Instagram Likes: Instagram is one of the most widely used Social Media Platform. I mean who doesn’t know about Instagram. For those who doesn’t know what Instagram  is, It is a Image sharing platform where users can share their photos and short videos on the internet. Unlike Facebook, Instagram is specifically for sharing Images and Videos.

Facebook bought Instagram in the year  2012. The increasing popularity of  Instagram quickly transformed  it from a Image sharing Medium to a fully fledged Social Media platform. Being a part of the Facebook bandwagon definitely helped Instagram in becoming a major social media platform.

More and more people started using Instagram and it became a necessity for even bigger brands. They  use Instagram to showcase  their products and the brand itself. Number of likes and followers quickly became the   factor for  their popularity.

Today we are going to see how you can get more likes on your Instagram Images and  Videos. Get genuine  Free Insta Likes  for all your images. There are tons of applications and services on the internet that claims to give free likes. Most of them are fake applications or adwares which tries to steal user data. Beware of those fake applications and services.

How to Increase Likes for Instagram

We are going to have a look at some of the genuine applications that are available for Android which are verified.  With these applications you can easily get genuine free likes for any photo or video on your Instagram. Wow your friends by showing them how much likes you get on your Instagram posts.

We are going to see a particular website that is 100% working.  The name of the website is When accessing the website, use Google Chrome Browser as the site language is  not English. Google Chrome will automatically translate the website to english.

Visit the website:

This is how the website will look like. Its pretty straight forward. In the main page, there is a Login Button.  Click on the login button and login with the username and password of  your Instagram.

Free Instagram Likes

NOTE:  If you are using this trick on a personal account with  enough followers and if you are skeptical about the safety. It is better to use a different account to login. The service doesn’t necessarily need the same account to be logged in to get likes for. You can login with any account and send likes and followers to any other account.

Free Instagram Likes
Click on Send Like option from the top toolbar.

Steps for Free Instagram Likes

  1. Once you have logged in with the Instagram Account and Password, Copy the link of the Image or Video for which you would like to get likes.
  2. Click on the  Send Likes button from the top toolbar.
  3. Paste the link in the column.
  4. Enter the number of likes that you want for that particular post.
  5. Click on the Green Button  which translates to “Start Submission“.
  6. Check your Instagram account to see the likes you have received.
Paste Link - Free Instagram Likes
Paste the link of the post to get likes.

Once you have submitted the link and entered the number of likes you would want. You will be able to see that instantly likes start appearing on your post.

Likes being added to the post - Free Instagram Likes
Likes being sent to that particular post on Instagram


Here is a screenshot from Instagram account. The post which was submitted for likes can be seen receiving  likes from genuine users. All the likes are from genuine Instagram users. You can get likes for Instagram images and videos. This is how you can increase likes on Instagram.

Get Free Instagram Likes

How to Get Free Instagram Followers

Similarly, we can use the same website to get  Free Instagram followers as well.  Its really simple to get followers. You could get upto 150 followers at a time. The followers limit will be replenished hourly. So you can send 150 followers after an hour.

Get Free Instagram Followers

Steps to Get Free Instagram Followers

  1. Click on the Send Follower option as seen in the image.
  2. Enter the username of the profile.
  3. Click on the Green Button which translated to Find Post.
  4. You can see your followers growing.

As we have seen with Instagram likes, the followers that you get are genuine Instagram users. Make sure  to enter few followers at a time. Once they have been successfully sent, do the steps again.

You will be getting 150 followers at a time. This will be replenished after few minutes. You can follow the same steps to get more and more followers.

Get Comments of Instagram Posts

The website also has a commenting system where you can get comments for your photos and video which you have posted on Instagram.

Get Comments on Instagram Post - Free Instagram Likes and Followers

For getting comments on any post, the first thing you have to do is to copy the link of the Instagram Post. Once you have copied the post link, Click on the Send Comment option from the top toolbar. Enter the link in the given column and click on the Green Button. You will be able to see the post. Just below the post, you can see different comments. You can edit and customize the comment text and add many comments. Once you have done that. Click on the Green Submit button. The comments will be added by genuine users on your particular post.

Adding Comments on Instagram Post - Free Instagram Likes and Followers

Steps to Get Comments on Instagram Posts

  1. Copy the link of the post.
  2. Paste the link on the website.
  3. Enter the Comment text.
  4. Add more comments if you want.
  5. Click on the Green Submit Button.

The website has other features to get Instagram Video Views, Instagram Story Views and Increase Post Bookmarking. For all these the steps are the same. You need to copy the post link and then submit it.

Some Features of Free Instagram Liker and Follower Gainer

There are many website and applications that does the same; getting more followers and likes on Instagram. More and more people tend to use these kinds of services and apps to quickly grow their Instagram profile hoping to raise to fame. All these services are getting you unknown people who might not be actually interested in your profile or content. They are random people on Instagram.

The problem is that, if you get your followers in organic ways – that is people saw your post and they follows you to see more content like the ones they saw; These people followed you because they like what you posted. So you will be getting likes from them in your future posts also, since they are interested in your content.

But if you gained followers using applications or services like these, they  might not like your content and can unfollow any time. Only people who makes followers using the services will be following you. It is a mutual understanding. You might have heard of hashtags like #follow4follow, #like4like etc.

Pros of Using Free Insta Liker and Follower

  • Free
  • Supports Likes on Images and Videos
  • Increase video views
  • Increase Post comments
  • Increase Followers
  • Increase Story Viewers
  • Increase Bookmarks for your Posts
  • Increase Video views of your posts

Cons of Insta Liker and Followers

  • Restriction on the number of likes and follows
  • Need to Login with Instagram Account
  • We will be automatically  following  others.
  • Automatically likes other’s pictures.

Final Thoughts

Get free Instagram Likes and Followers. There are lots of websites and applications that provides free Instagram likes and followers, but this one stands out as it is absolutely free and easy to use. Another main thing is that you don’t have to login with your main account to get likes and followers. You can create a fake account and then use that to login to the website and send likes and followers to your main account.

This is not the right way to rise to popularity. When you gain followers in these kinds of way, many of them can unfollow you. If you post good content which the people like, you will be automatically getting followers and likes. Those people who likes a picture or post of yours and follows you can be called as an Organic followers. A profile should concentrating on getting more organic followers and likes than using tools and services were you can get likes and followers for free. There are many services were you can buy likes and followers by paying an amount.

NOTE: This method can stop working at some time If instagram makes changes to its platform. So don’t always rely on these kind of services.


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