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The Best Free Encrypted Email Service Providers for 2018

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The easiest way to keep your emails private is by using a Free Encrypted Email service or Secure Email Service. Almost all the people who uses internet has an mail ID. And almost 60-70 percentage of people will be using the emails on a day to day basis. Emails are routine when it comes to business processes. It is one of the most formal type of communication that is currently available.

But have you ever thought that the emails we are sending is private? And no others can access it other than the person who you have sent it to? using an encrypted email service or a secure email service we will be able to guarantee security as well as protect our anonymity.

Encrypted Email Services – Why?

Now… most of the regular email services that are fine for the normal users. But if you are dealing with confidential data then it would be better to switch to a encrypted email service provider. They provides better protection of your confidential data and identity as well.

Today we will be seeing some of the best encrypted email service providers that you can try in 2018.
In the year 2018 many of the applications and services on the internet are using some kind of data encryption technology. For example apps that we use like WhatsApp and Telegram are having end to end encryption.

When it comes to email services, the one name that stands out is Gmail which is a email service provider by Google. It is the most popular, most intuitive and feature-rich email service that is currently available. But is it 100% secure? Google needs to store all the details of the user on their servers. This means that if the law demands, then Google will have to handover the data.
This is exactly why someone would consider using an encrypted email service.

ProtonMail – Best Free Encrypted Email

Protonmail Interface - Free Encrypted Email Service

Among the most popular encrypted email service providers, ProtonMail one of the best. It was founded back in 2013 by CERN research facility in Switzerland. ProtonMail encrypted email service can be accessed via a web browser or using mobile applications that are available for both Android and iOS. ProtonMail uses end to end encryption, which means that the email will be encrypted from the user’s end. Only the receiver will be able to get the contents of the email. Nobody will be able to get access to the data. They use different encryption algorithms like AES, RSA etc.

Features of ProtonMail

The data servers of ProtonMail are located in Switzerland, a country which is well known for its tough stands on privacy and data protection laws. ProtonMail is also an open source service. This means that if you want to you can verify the security of the service by yourself since the code is available out in the open.

For complete encryption, both the parties will have to use the service. If that’s not the case ProtonMail will be scanning the emails for spam, but none of the data is stored in the service. They are kept in the memory and then cleared in a very little time. Protonmail also disables IP logging by default which means that your privacy is also protected. IP logging will keep track of your IP address, which can be used to trace back to the your location. Another important thing is that if you delete an email from ProtonMail, it’s gone unless its stored in a backup.

Signing up for a free encrypted email ID using is very simple. You just have to visit Protonmail website click on the sign up button. The only personal information that you need to enter is a recovery email address. Enter enter the desired username and create a password. Next step is to verify yourself by either providing your email address or your phone number or donating to support the service. Once you are done near verification will be taken to your email account. You can use Protonmail to send and receive encrypted emails for free.

Protonmail provides free and premium accounts. For a free Account you will be getting 500 MB of storage. You will be able to send 150 messages per day. Protonmail premium membership starts from 4 Euro per month. Premium membership will also allow custom domains.

If you want to increase protection even more, Protonmail provides VPN Service. This will add an additional layer of protection between your machine and the web ensuring that the online activity is always private.

Visit  Website : Free and Premium Available (starting at $5/month)

TUTANOTA – Free Encrypted Email

TutaNota Interface - Free Encrypted Email Service

Next up we have a encrypted email service called tutanota. Even though the name is kind of cheeky the services provided by them is top notch. Tutanota provides free and premium accounts for the encrypted mail service. The company is headquartered in Germany.

The name tutanota(Latin) translate to secure message. Like Switzerland, Germany also has strong data protection laws.

Features of Tutanota

  • The entire mailbox including the emails and address book are stored and encrypted by Tutanota. Tutanota encrypted email services can be accessed via web browser or using mobile applications. They have apps for both Android and iOS devices.
  • It automatically and encrypts all the emails if both the parties are using tutanota. Tutanota encrypts the subject line, the content and all the attachments of the email. It also encrypt the inbox, search index, filters and inbox rules as well.
  • Since the password is never directly transmitted to the server, this offers a great protection. The password is hashed and salted before transmitting to the service which makes it impossible to recover the original password from those hashed codes. Even folks at Tutanota cannot decode them.
  • Tutanota provides anonymous email service with absolutely no ads and no tracking. Unlike Google, which tracks all the actions of a user tutanota doesn’t track any action and also it doesn’t log the IP address when the user logs in or send email. Also on registration we need not provide any personal data. It is also an open source email service, which means everyone when check the code and verify that there are no issues in the code base.

Visit Website: Free and Premium (available from €1 a month)

Take Security Up a Notch

Always make sure you subscribe to a good VPN service when you are dealing with Encrypted and Secure emailing. A VPN can help you stay anonymous from your ISP and bypass any network restrictions that is put up by the ISP. On top of an Encrypted Email Service provider, you will get one more layer of protection of your data by using a VPN.

Best VPN service 2018Best VPN service 2018

Using a VPN is a good thing as it can erase all your trace online and nobody will be able to track you down. With a good VPN you can:

  • Access your favorite websites
  • Stream all your favorite content
  • Be totally invisible online
  • Torrent anonymously

Get PureVPN **

**starting at  $2.48/month

Final Thoughts

Encrypted email services can be used for securing confidential email transactions. Many of the services that are commonly you is not that secure. they often track your activities online can the contents of the email and save it in their servers. So if you want to protect identity and the contents the email you should consider using an encrypted email service instead of the normal services like Gmail, Yahoo Mail or Outlook.


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