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Top 10+ FREE Fake Email Generator Websites – Create Fake Email Address Easily!

Here's how to create fake email addresses.

Fake Email Generator Websites are used for creating fake email addresses without having to actually enter your personal information. When you create an email address, you are asked to enter information such as your name, address, phone number and more. So basically people can know its you who owns the email address and there are many ways to track the owner of the email address.

Why Use Fake Email Generator?

This is when someone would use a fake email generator to create random fake email addresses to cover his privacy and use it  for different purposes.  There are tons of websites that allows us to make fake email addresses instantly within seconds. Why would someone ever want to use a Fake Email Address?  Most of the time why someone would create a tempmail address or a fake email id is to protect his identity.

We all have a primary email address that we use for a number of services, Primary and Business use. Email ID is ubiquitous in the world of internet as it is one of the online Identity of a person. We use it for signing up on Social medias like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. We use it for signing into e-commerce websites, music streaming services, and more. People will be able to track to whom the email id belongs. So if we want to protect our privacy when using certain services, fake emails or tempmails can be used.  We can also use it to Reduce  the number of spams in the primary email address.

Fake email addresses can also be used for do shady things like hacking or spamming other users or exploiting a  service on websites.  Since it is fake email address or tempmail address, it is very hard to track who used the email address.

Uses of TempMail or Fake Emails

Fake email address or Tempmail addresses can be used for a lot of purposes.   Most common use of fake email address is to signup to websites and apps, especially if the website is not that trust worthy and you don’t feel like sharing our main email address with them. The main email address or the primary email address we keep, are often used for personal and sometimes business puroses.

  • To reduce the number of SPAM messages.
  • Security Reasons.
  • Privacy.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Use and Throw.

Say if we want to signup on a website or app to use a service offered by the website/app for just once, we could use a fake email or a tempmail address instead. We will be keeping the number of unwanted emails to a minimum. Also it is not desirable to share our main email address on the whole of internet.

How to Create a Fake Email Address

Just simple! You just have to website any of the website showcased below and just enter the desired alias. Done! you will be able to share your new fake email address and start receiving emails. Some services even allow you to send emails from your tempmail address. How cool is that?

We will be seeing some of the best Fake Email Generators aka Temporary email generators that is safe and completely FREE to use. There are tons of them, but we will see the  best options you can go for.

Top 5 Fake Email Generators

  1. Mailinator
  2. Guerrillamail
  3. Throawaymail
  4. MyTemp.Email
  5. Temp-Mail

Other alternatives

The above ones are the best and also my personal favorites. They are very simple and easy to use with no learning curve at all. Its pretty straight forward, enter some alias and then you will be taken to the mailbox of your new fake email address. You can read more about them and visit the website by clicking on the links above. There are many more fake email id generators which are very simple and easy to use, We will see some of them below.

10 Minute Mail

10 minute mail - Fake Email Generator

10 Minute Mail as the name suggests is a Fake email generator which generates temporary emails addresses which has a life of 10 minutes. The website is very simple and straight forward. Once you enter the website, You will get a tempmail  and below that it shows the mails received. There is a button to change the email  address after 10 minutes.

Website Link

Fake Mail Generator

Fake Mail Generator - Fake EMail Generator Websites

This is yet another temporary email generator which can be used to fight spam. The website is plain and simple without much complications. You get a email address when you load the website and the mails will be shown directly below. We can create custom email addresses with a selection of domains. Just enter the name and select the @domain.tld .

Website Link:

Air Mail

Air Mail - - Fake EMail Generator Websites
Airmail has some more added features when compared to others. The website is simple to use. Email address will be assigned automatically when you enter the website. Emails are shown below automatically, there is no need to reload the page to check for mails. The generated email id will be private meaning only you can access it. You can use the link to access it on a different computer or from a different location and you still will be able to see all the emails.  The emails will be kept until you closes the browser and the emails will be kept alive for 24 hours.

Website Link


Robot Mail - Fake EMail Generator Websites

Robot-Mail is having a simple interface. Main feature is that you can create multiple mailboxes and easily switch between them without having move away from that browser tab. There are around 8 domains to choose from and  you can create fake email address with any name or word you want. It is more organized than some of the alternatives we have seen.

Website Link


Trash Mail - Fake EMail Generator Websites

In Trash-Mail you can compose emails using fake email ids. There are few domains to choose from , and you can enter your name or word to create the fake email id. Simple and easy to use interface. You can also create Private Fake Emails which you can login after creating a password for your own fake email id. Apart from private mailbox, it also has a public mail box.

Website Link


Trash Spam - Fake EMail Generator Websites

Most well organized and good looking Interface, the website is having a great responsiveness when viewing on mobile or tablet or pc.  You can create any alias with a few domain options to choose from. The mailbox is well structured and you  can get a feel of other popular mail services like yahoo or outlook.

Website Link


Yop Mail - Fake EMail Generator Websites
YopMail is another free fake email generator which is used widely. You can only have emails ending with There is no other domain aliases available. It is a public inbox. You can use any custom name or word to create the email address.The website is not responsive and it will be difficult to use on smaller screens. The design of the website is so outdated it looks like its from the early 2000s.

Website Link


Email Fake - Fake EMail Generator Websites

Easy to use  fake email generator. There are lot of domains to choose from and you can enter any name and create fake mail address with a lot of combinations. Email addresses will be valid for  a day. Use the fake emails to receive emails.

Website Link:

Email Generator

Email Generator - Fake EMail Generator Websites

Websites similar to emailfake.  Same functionalities and features.

Website Link

Final Thoughts

Fake emails and temporary email ids can be used to protect you from spammers. You are hiding your main mail email address from spammers thus reducing the number of spams that your receive. These emails can also be used to signup on a untrusted website or application where you don’t feel its safe to provide your primary email address. These temporary emails are 100% legal to use. But it depends on for what purposes you use them. Donot use it for any illegal purposes. Similarly, you can also use applications to reduce spam you receive on your phone number.

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