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How to Download Instagram Lite APK for Android. Instagram is having the best time ever with more and more users signing up to the platform. In the recent months the popularity of Instagram has skyrocketed.  Facebook on photo and video sharing platform, Instagram has launched a lite version of the application.

Instagram is following the footsteps of Facebook which introduced Facebook lite, messenger Lite applications for smartphones with less resources. Similarly Instagram has launched the light version of its app for Android which uses less resources compared to the original Instagram application.

Instagram is already hugely popular in developed countries but for its future growth, Instagram needs to target the developing countries too. This is exactly why they have just released the lite version of Instagram. The Instagram Lite version weighs just around 500Kb which is way less than the actual Instagram Application for Android which has a size of around 35Mb.

Instagram Lite vs Instagram App Size

Instagram Lite is being tested in Mexico.  “We are testing a new version of Instagram for Android that takes up less space on your device, uses less data, and starts faster.” – Instagram told Techcrunch.

The lite trend came into the existence when Facebook first introduced the Facebook Lite app back in 2015. Facebook received a lot of criticism for its app being very resource intensive and for draining battery of the devices. Facebook Lite quickly got adopted by its users and  and it has over 500 million downloads on Google Play. The huge success of the Fb Lite application made Facebook release the lite version for its Messenger App. This trend was later adopted by many companies including Uber.

The app is not Officially released to all the countries,but we were able to find the Google Play listing for the application which showcases the apps features.Link Here

Instagram Lite addresses many issues that users in developing countries face like Slow Internet connection, less resources on the smartphone, Low storage etc. The app can work on slower internet connection and uses very less resources and will easily work on older smartphones.

Instagram Lite vs Instagram

You might be  thinking that there has to be many compromises in order to reduce the app size. Well, there is some compromises to reduce the application size, but you won’t be missing out on any main features. Most of the features are available in Instagram Lite.

Instagram Stories

Story section in Instagram Lite vs Instagram - Download Instagram Lite Apl
Instagram Lite (Left) vs Instagram (Right)

Instagram stories are available in Instagram Lite version also. We can add stories  to our profile as well. What we miss is Videos. Videos are not currently supported which means that Instagram will be bringing Status Videos to Instagram Lite applications soon.

On main Instagram application we have features like Type, Live, Boomerang,Superzoom, Rewind, Hands-Free etc. All these features will not be available in the Instagram Lite application. You only have option to Choose Photo from Gallery or Take Photo.

You will  be missing out on  face filters and  effects. On the lite version we can add plain text in different colors, there is no option to change the font or add colors to the background of the text. We do get option to save the status picture to gallery.

Uploading Posts

Uploading in Instagram Lite vs Instagram - Download Instagram Lite
Instagram Lite (Left) vs Instagram (Right)

Similar to the stories, on Instagram Lite were are not able to upload videos as of now. Photos can be uploaded from the Gallery or directly by taking photo using the camera. We do get filters for the photos, but the number is limited. We don’t have all the filters that we get on the fully fledged Instagram app. There is no Multiple Uploads.

The main thing we will be missing out on the lite version is Edit option. There is no edit option in Instagram Lite version. Once you have uploaded the photo, there is only option to add location and the caption for the images. We don’t have option to Share to twitter or facebook directly. Advanced settings is also not available where we can Turn Off Commenting for the post.

Uploading photos using the Lite version is said to use lesser data on Instagram Lite.

Profile Section

Profiles section in Instagram Lite vs Instagram - Download Instagram Lite Apl
Instagram Lite (Left) vs Instagram (Right)

The profile section is almost same in both apps except for some small UI changes. We do have the Story highlights section in the lite app also. The profile follower and post details are move to the bottom of the  profile header area. There is only post and bookmark section in  the lite app.

How to Download Instagram Lite Apk

Instagram Lite application is listed on Google Play Store , but its not available for all the users. The app is being tested in Mexico right now. The app will be made globally available in the coming weeks. But if you don’t like to wait or want to get the taste of it right away, here is how you can download and install Instagram Lite on your phone and start using it before others get to know about it.

Instagram Lite

Features you miss out on Instagram Lite

Instagram Lite is a great new  way to enjoy Instagram in lower end devices or  on slower internet connections. You expect to have some features removed to make this possible. We are going to see some of the features that you will be missing out on when using the Instagram Lite.

No more auto playing videos

Auto Play in Instagram Lite vs Instagram - Download Instagram Lite Apk
Instagram Lite (Left) vs Instagram (Right)

Instagram Lite has removed the autoplay video feature.  This is a step to reduce the data usage. Auto play feature made the video play automatically when we scroll to the post or open the post. This the case with videos in stories  as well. Video stories doesn’t automatically play the video in the lite version. Instead we can see the play button.

No Sharing Options

Sharing Posts in Instagram Lite vs Instagram
Instagram Lite (Left) vs Instagram (Right)

We are not able to share the post  like we do in Instagram Main app. There is no Share to WhatsApp or Share to Messenger option in the lite app. The Copy Link option is also not there. We  will not  be able to share the post in any way. We can hope that the share features will be introduced soon.

Basic Search Functionality

The search function on the Instagram Lite application is very basic. We can just do basic search. The option reflects less results and suggestions.  There is no option to select between People, Tags , Places etc in search. Search doesn’t show recent searches. This is what we can expect from a lite version. After all it is designed to be using less data and resources. So there are limitations to the functionalities as well.

No Editing Tools

Editing section in Instagram Lite vs Instagram - Download Instagram Lite Apl
Instagram Lite (Left) vs Instagram (Right)

When we upload a photo and we need to make changes to the photo, one can edit the photos in the Instagram application itself. Instagram provides wide variety of tools to edit the photos to perfection. We never have to use any separate photo editing tools for uploading photos to Instagram as it already has a great tool set when it comes to editing tools and filters.

But in Instagram Lite, we don’t have the editing tools. This is a great downside for those who edit their photos before uploading. Filters are made available in the lite version as filters are what made instagram stand out.

Instagram filters and undoubtedly the best filters that we can find. It matches with any kind of photos and there are quite a lot of filters to choose from.

No Direct Messages

Instagram Lite does’t have the Direct Messaging option. We cannot chat with our Instagram friends. No Group chats no more chatting on Instagram. This means we cannot share those funny post to others through Instagram.

I am really hoping that they implement the feature in the future as it is a really good feature which made connecting with others very easy.

Cannot Post Videos or Multiple Photos

Posting videos are currently not currently supported in Instagram Lite. The feature will be introduced soon. Also we are not able to post multiple photos at once as we could do in the main Instagram application. It is not a feature that i use a lot, but it can be a miss for many users who posts multiple photos  on Instagram.

No IGTV Integration

IGTV or Instagram TV is a new app that Instagram announced very recently when the user base reached a billion users a month. IGTV is a video platform were users can upload portrait videos upto 60 minutes in length. IGTV is closely integrated with the Instagram application even though IGTV is a separate app.

Instagram Lite focuses on reducing data usage and resource usage which forces it to not include any IGTV integrations as it might eat up a lot of data.

Final Thoughts

Instagram Lite is definitely gonna be a hit as it is focussed on reducing the data  and system resource usage. For older phones will less RAM and storage, Lite version of Instagram is a life saviour. Instagram Lite will also work on slower internet connection. This means that those people in the developing countries can start using Instagram.

Instagram, with the launch of Lite version for its app aims to get to the people who are not able to access the platform using the main application which requires more storage and consumes more data and also requires a good data connection for using it.

The app is definitely missing on many features, but is is a good initiative from Instagram. Hopefully more features will be added in the coming realeases.

Instagram Lite

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