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Here are a few Cartoon Photo Apps that can be used to create cool cartoon like images from your normal photos. There are a lot of applications that does this (at least that’s what many applications say) but many of them are good for nothing. We are going to see some of the best rated and working Cartoon Image Maker applications especially for Android devices.

Photos are everywhere. We love to share images. We love to see others images as well. Long before when there were no tools to edit images, photos were just uploaded the way it was taken. But now, more time is spend after the photo is taken. Photography is not complete without editing.

Magic of Photo Filters

Filters, we use it almost everyday when we upload a photo to Instagram, Facebook etc. I personally likes the Instagram filters the most and i have already praised them in a lot of posts. Filters are used to add style to the image. There are all kinds of filters from simple color filters to crazy filters that can be found in SnapChat.

But let’s concentrate more on Cartoon Filter Apps. Do you guys remember the application called Prisma. It was an application that was initially released for Apple iOS devices. The application used Artificial Intelligence to  create cool filters that were not present anywhere at the time. The application was an instant hit and it went viral. For days, we could only see images edited using Prisma filters all over the internet.

Later the developers released the Android version of the application which  made the accessible to the majority of smartphone users. Prisma had many filters which are very unique. There are many Cartoon Image filters which gave photos a cartoon or drawing like feel.

Why many Cartoon Apps Fail at What they Say?

If you are thinking Why i mentioned about Prisma? It is because they started a revolution by bringing AI into Photo editing which is accessible via an application. The trend continued as more and more application with similar filters and many other cartoon  image filters started to popup. But I still doubt whether any of those new applications are that good as compared to Prisma. Prisma has a very strong AI technology driving them.

The main reason why many Cartoon Photo applications on Google Play Store  are having very less ratings is that the filters are terrible. Photo filters are made of complex mathematical functions which requires great computational power and resources and time. Many applications doesn’t have such a quite robust system to produce good images.

Cartoon Photo App for Android

Cartoon Photo App lets you turn your normal photos into  cartoon images. Many of the applications listed below will also be able to create pencil drawings from images, images that looks like paintings etc. If you don’t want to share you original image on any social media, you can use the Cartoon photo app to create a cartoon face image from your original image. Some others use Cartoon Image Maker apps to show off their style.

So I have curated some of the Best Cartoon Photo App for Android that is absolutely Free to Download.  I am only listing a few working ones which created good cartoon images since many apps are just pathetic at making good cartoon images. All the links will be provided so that you can check them out.

Prisma – Create Cartoon Images ,Turn Photos into Art

The reason  why Prisma tops the list  is because of its perfection when making cartoon images or turning photos into art. Prisma uses advanced Artificial Intelligence to make cool effects with great perfection. Prisma application for Android have over 50 Million Downloads. That number alone shows why it is the best cartoon photo app.

Prisma App - Cartoon Photo App for Android

Prisma has  over 800 Modern Art filters. Many of these filters can turn you images into cartoon images. While the other filters can be used to turn you normal photo into a masterpiece artwork. Prisma uses Neural Mechanism for Image processing. You can actually get fantastic images using the Photo Editor. All images  made using Prisma can be easily stored in your phone or can be directly shared to Facebook or Instagram easily.

Prisma Foreground Clipping Feature - Cartoon Photo App

Prisma recently launched a unique feature which allows us to clip the foreground  from the background and apply the filters to foreground only or background only. This is a quite interesting  feature. See images above so that you get the idea of what i am saying. In the first image the subject is normal and the background (only) is having the filter. While in the second image, filter is added to the subject and the background is the original.

The app requires a working internet connection for many of its filters to work. Lot of filters are free to use, while there are some premium filters that will be available for Pro users only. For free version HD image processing is not supported which is a disadvantage but not a deal breaker.

Prisma Photo Editor
Prisma Labs Inc

Vinci – Cartoon Image Filters and More

This is a rather new kid in the block. Vinci is a Photo Editor application which used Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks to process images into awesome artworks.

Vinci Filters and Editor - Cartoon Photo App for Android

Vinci  is very easy to use. You can take a photo or a small GIF or select a photo from your Gallery to begin.The app has lots of filters and the intensity of the filters can be easily controlled as well.  Most of the filters are mainly for creating beautiful artworks from your photos while there are some filters which you can use to create cartoon image of your face.

The application is absolutely Free to Download. By default the application will be adding a small watermark above the generated images. You can disable the watermark by going into settings.


Cartoon Cam –  Cartoon Art Pics Photo Editor

Cartoon Cam by  Fotoable is  a pretty good cartoon photo app which is able to produce some great looking images. The app is downloaded more than 5 Million times and is having a rating of 4.2 which is not that bad.

Cartoon Cam - Cartoon Photo App

The features 30plus filters which are quite unique and modern. The app UI is pleasantly easy to use. Photos can be converted to cartoon images directly by taking photos from the camera or by selecting any picture from the gallery. You can take a selfie within the app and directly edit the image. Simple slide bar makes it easy to adjust the intensity of the filters. The application does take time to create the cartoon image.  Once you are satisfied with the picture you can directly share to your favorite social medias apps.

Cartoon Cam

ArtistA Cartoon & Sketch Cam

Here is another app that can help you make cartoon images and sketches from your photos. The application has a lot of filters. The application is downloaded over a million times. The ratings aren’t that bad either with 4.3 Stars in Google Play Store.

Artista Cartoon Photo Maker and Editor- Cartoon Photo App

Photos can be selected from the gallery or can be taken directly from the camera. Once selected, you will be asked to crop the photo if necessary. This is a good addition.  There are quite of lot filters to choose from. Some are really good whereas some  of them are simple awful.  The filter processing does take some time. Ads are shown during the process which is kinda annoying. You can swipe out the ads if you want to. Once the image is generated, you have the option to download it to the phone or share to facebook or instagram.

ArtistA Cartoon n Sketch Cam
Lyrebird Studio

Cartoon Photo Editor

Cartoon Photo Editor App by GameBrain is another application that can help your create cartoon photo of your faces. The application is not super popular or super good, but definitely does the job in most cases. Not the best Cartoon Photo app that is available, but worth trying.

Cartoon Photo Editor by GameBrain - Cartoon Photo App

The application has many filters, but only a few of them can be used while others are total garbage. The processing does take some time and the application is having a lot of ads that  can be annoying at times. Some of the filters on the app did a pretty good job when i tried it personally. I was able to get some good cartoon images. The things is that you’ll have to play around with all the  filters to get  a result.

Cartoon Photo Editor
Game Brain

Final Thoughts

We all like to mess around with filters a lot. Here we have seen some of the applications that can create cartoon like images from your photos. Many of the applications available are pure garbage. But the apps listed out here are the better ones. They have better ratings and download numbers. Many filters you find in these applications will look bad on some photos. Not all the filters will match all kinds of photos. Some filters will look good on some photos while when we use the same filter on a different photo it might look terrible.

You’ll have to mess around the filters to find the perfect looking filter for you image. I hope you liked the article. If you are using some other applications which you think could be added to the list, do comment the name below. As always don’t forget to share the article if you found it useful.

None of them are affiliate links, all are direct links to playstore and we are not paid for  promotion.


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