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How To Bypass The Annoying Quora Sign In Popup and See All Answers!

Quora is the best website for gettings answers. You  can get answers to all sorts of questions ranging from technical questions to extremely personal questions and sometimes some really weird questions too. But have you searched for answers in Google and  went to Quora for the answers but was greeted by an obnoxious popup which asks you to  sign up or sign into Quora to see the  answer?

Here is how you can  remove the annoying Quora Login Popup screen  and view all the answers without having to Login or Sign Up. This can be very helpful if you just need to get the answer and get going. Me personally i hate having to login to different websites.

Bypass Quora Login Screen

I personally spend time in Quora  reading interesting answers and  also take time to answer questions . So if you really want to read  more and also want to be part of the Quora community consider signing up for an account(Its Free). You can follow me on Quora here.

How to Bypass Quora Sign In Popup

We are going to see two methods you can employ to   get around this  really annoying popup screen.  The first one is a fairly simple method and can be used to get around this issue. There are many other websites like Quora from where you can get answers for your questions, but it’s more likely to get   proper answer in Quora.  So it’s always nice to know this trick .

Bypass Quora Login Screen by Adding  ?share=1 to the URL

This is the first method and the easiest one.  There is nothing much you have to do to get around the restriction put up if you are not signed in to Quora. See the steps below :

Step1 : Visit the Quora link .

Step 2: If you are seeing the Login Popup just add the line after the URL:  ?share=1



Step 3: Hit Enter and see the Login Screen magically disappear. You can now read the answers without any interruption.

This method is the way to go if you want to just remove the  Quora Popup screen for once and just continue with your life.

Bypass the Quora Login Popup using Ad-Blocker

If you visit Quora more often or google takes you to Quora quite often, you can take this approach. Since the first method needs you to manually add the ?share=1  to every URL  you visit. You can get around this issue by installing an Ad-blocker. Make sure you read: Battle of Adblockers – Adblock Plus vs uBlock Origin

Step 1: Download and Install uBlock origin for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Step 2: There is nothing  to do other than installing the plugin….hehe.

Now if you just check by visiting Quora, you will not be able to see the pop-ups as it is taken care of by the Ad Blocker itself.

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Since we are talking about questions and answers, here are some really good ones from Quora:

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Final Thoughts

If you just want to read the article on Quora and just move on with your life or you don’t give a damn about signing up, you can simple follow any of the two methods. But if you really have a lot of questions or you love to read or write articles, you should really consider signing up for a Quora account. It doesn’t take much time to setup an account.

Hope you guys enjoyed the article …feel free to share  and also comment down your  thoughts below.


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