Best iMessage App Alternatives for Android That You Should Try in 2019!

We are going to talk about the best iMessage alternatives for Android. iMessage is a messaging app that is really popular among Apple users…Why you’d ask. Because its only available on Apple ecosystem (no pun intended). For those who are coming from the Apple ecosystem to the awesome world of Android, you might miss iMessages.

iMessage application comes pre-installed with Apple devices and is really cool that people often go with Apple devices just because of this. I have seen many people say that they are using Apple products because of iMessage.

iMessage comes with lots of cool features which made it very popular as you can message from across the devices. You can reply to your messages from any Apple device that is connected to the ecosystem. You can send messages instantly to other people who are using Apple devices. It works similar to how a normal SMS works…

Best Alternatives for iMessage

Let me get right into the topic by saying that, you can’t get a better alternative to iMessage on the Apple ecosystem…simply because its the best. Talking about the best…have you checked the best torrent to direct link converter for 2019? If you are looking for iMessage for Android, I would suggest you to stop searching as you won’t be able to find iMessage for Android. It is not available on Android and it will never be (IMO). Apple and Google are competitors, why would Apple even provide something which is keeping their users stick to them available on a different platform.

Instead, you can look for iMessage alternatives for Android or iMessage like apps for Android. If you did so, that is the reason why you are reading the page, I suppose.

Since iMessage is not available for Android we can look for something which can give us features similar to what iMessage provides. The increased popularity of iMessage brings lots of new features with every new release of iOS.

#1. WhatsApp – Best iMessage Alternative

WhatsApp Messenger is the most used Instant Messaging Application. Everybody on the planet who uses a smartphone will have WhatsApp installed on their phones. It is very lightweight and has all the features we can ask for. WhatsApp has a web and desktop client where you can send and receive messages on your desktop.

WhatsApp Messenger - iMessage Alternative for Android

You have to connect to WhatsApp on your phone for this feature to work. Recently Android messages have introduced such a feature which enables you to send normal SMS from its web client.

Apart from normal text messages, you can make voice and video calls. WhatsApp continuously brings new features to its messenger which is a good thing… WhatsApp recently introduces stickers which is a great addition.

So overall I would say that the best alternative for iMessage is WhatsApp. Also try FMWhatsApp for Android or GBWhatsApp for Android.

#2. Telegram

Telegram is a fast and secure messaging application. It didn’t get the attention it deserved as WhatsApp just exploded to the top. It has got all the features  WhatsApp has got with a little extra when it comes to sharing files. Telegram support sharing of a file with large size and also has a lesser restriction when compare to Telegram.

Telegram Messenger - iMessage Alternative for Android

Telegram lets you share files of up to 1.5 GB, create groups with up to 5,000 members and public channels. It also includes a cool Secret Chat feature, which lets you send self-destructing messages in an end to end encrypted environment. For making your chats cooler, telegram also has stickers support.

Telegram is also known for its security and privacy features. It is very fast and there is no interruptions like ads.

Download: Telegram Messenger for Android

#3. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is also a great alternative to iMessage for Android and iOS. Facebook is the biggest social media platform on the planet and you can pretty much connect with all of your friends and family using Facebook. Facebook Messenger is the messaging client from Facebook which makes it easy to chat with your friends.

FB Messenger - iMessage Alternative for Android

Facebook Messenger also has tons of good features like group chat, video calls, stickers and more. The one main drawback of FB Messenger is that it is a bit heavy and consumes a lot of resources of your device. If you are having a low power smartphone or if you are worried about the data and resource consumption, you can try the lite version of these applications.

Download: Facebook Messenger for Android

#4. Hike Messenger

This is less popular compared to all the above applications, but it definitely is a great application. It does much more than sending and receiving messages. There are tons of cool emojis and stickers which you can use to spice up your chats. There are options to customize the look and feel of the application if you are into that kind of stuff.

Hike Messenger - iMessage Alternative for Android

There are cool games on Hike which you can play with your friends. You can share and receive money among people and much more. It is definitely an application that is worth checking and can be considered as an alternative to iMessage. It is a messaging application that is homegrown in India and has a fresh design when compared to other messaging applications.

Download: Hike for Android

Final Thoughts

As I said in the starting of the article, you won’t be able to get an application like iMessage for Android. You could only try to find something similar. So If you need the cool features of iMessage in Android, you can check out these applications which come with enough features.

iMessage is definitely a great application which many Android users wished they could have…As always, do feel free to comment down your thoughts in the comment section and share the article among your friends and foes.


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